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Series of wfh activities: #covid_codidi

In the fourth wave of Covid 19 broke out in Hanoi, Seal Commerce has launched the video campaign: #Covid_Codidi. This campaign is to inspire all Seal members to spread a strong anti - epidemic spirit in the community, send positive energy to all doctors, and raise a fund to support Covid Prevention. The program is part of the series of Work from Home activities "Remotely working, Energy keeping" that Seal Commerce has deployed since the beginning of the epidemic season.



The campaign is called #Covid_codidi. All Seal family members are inspired to participate by recording individual clips or team clips. They are free to be creative with various forms of dance, dance, singing,... on the music background of exciting anti-Covid songs or follow the trending clip or sample clip. The final purpose is that all Seal-ers can spread positive energy to the community.

 After 10 days of launching the #Covid_Codidi fundraising campaign, Seal Commerce has received many clips from our teams such as: 

  • Team dev: Rap performance “She makes me sad, She makes it bad” and “Please wear a mask properly”
  • Team CS: 2 humorous performances calling for stay at home to fight the epidemic and wear safe masks, 1 piano performance "Vietnam Fighting"
  • Team design: 3 performances "Give me your hand, put on a mask", "Babe dance" and cook Mask-moon cake
  • Team HR: 4 performances based on the song "Covid go away"


The total amount raised at the end of #Covid_Codidi campaign will be contributed to the National Covid Fund.

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