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Series of wfh activities: plank challenge

In the middle of May 2021, when the third wave of Covid 19 broke out in Hanoi, Seal Commerce immediately activated the remote working mode to proactively prevent the risk of spreading the disease, to actively fight the epidemic. During the Work from Home (WFH) period, a series of activities has been organized by Seal Commerce to inspire and motivate the spirit of “Remote Working, Energy Keeping”, enabling the whole employees to always follow up and engage in every working space.


The beginning of the series of WFH activities is the Plank Challenge, a coordinated exercise between the back, hips, abdomen and breathing to enhance physical health during the pandemic.



All members of the company are encouraged to take on the challenge with simple steps. You just need to record one or more clips of Plank - free time, after completing, post the clip to the group and tag the name of the person you want to challenge. You can challenge many other members or multiple times. The challenger must record 1 or more clips performing the same or longer exercise than the original clip and then continue to tag the next person to challenge. Those who are challenged if unable to do the plank can ask to "pass" the challenge to another player. The organizers calculate points by summing the total time in all the clips, whoever has the longest minutes will win.


In just one week of launching, the Plank Challenge became a vibrant and humorous playground when many clips were made by the Sealers whose body is slim or overweight.



According to recorded statistics, almost all of the members achieve results from over 60 seconds to more than 3 minutes. Usually, at companies, especially in technology companies, the male always prevails over the female in both quantity and physicality. At Seal Commerce, however, the final results were surprising. Although female members were limited in number, they were physically overwhelmed when playing the "Feminist Plank" system, surpassing male and winning absolutely all the awards for "Golden Belly" in the technology village.



Big congratulations to the 3 best Plankers for defeating other competitors and winning the Plank Challenge. The first prize belonged to Elle - small but martial, winning absolutely with a total of 2 5'24s Plank clips. The second prize owner is the hardworking Bee mother Mia with the 4'16s plank. And finally, Julia won the third prize with a 3'32s long Headshot Plank.



The Plank Challenge that opened the WFH series ended successfully in a jubilant, exciting and amazing atmosphere. The contest encourages the spirit of overcoming oneself when motivating and inspiring Sealers to dare to accept the plank challenge and conquer it.



Through the contest, Seal Commerce wants to send a message to all members that: “Happiness is a journey, not a destination! Therefore, we always appreciate and accompany you to overcome challenges as well as overcome yourself to experience a happy and successful career path!”



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