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Signing Bonus 2022

Join GemCommerce & Get Signing Bonus!

This is one of our most special programs for candidates this year! Besides the opportunity to join the top #1 eCommerce SaaS products using new technology, you will also have the chance to receive a 1 month bonus!

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Total bonus

1-month gross salary

Payment Method: the bonus fee will be sent along with the most recent salary after the official contract.

Signing Bonus Process

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Send your resume
Temp alt
Join our
recruitment process
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Join GemCommerce
& Sign the Labor Contract
Temp alt
You earn the reward

Program Policy


  • Subjects: developers onboarding from September 10th, 2021 to December 31st, 2021 (with the condition that you pass the probation period and sign an official contract).
  • Participants must sign the Agreement to be eligible for any fee under the Signing Bonus Program.


  • Candidates who apply via any Headhunter Company.
  • Candidates who don’t pass the probation period.
  • Candidates who pass the probation period but not sign the official labour contract.
  • Candidates who apply for the non-IT positions.


1.When will I get the bonus?
2.Which are the current job openings
3.Have more questions?

Join us & get Bonus!

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